NOTES of FSEG Meeting November the 16th 2015



Ms Sue Abbott           Chair
Mr Les Jones             Secretary
Prof Delme Bowen    Minute Secretary
Mr Hugh Williams.    Tresurer
Mr James Greenwell IT
Mrs Lucy Evans         Assistant Tresurer
Mr Mike Evans
Rev Phil Johnes
Mr Mike Bailey
Mrs Lynn Shallcross


Mrs Dorothy Morris


Available on the website and taken as read

Matters Arising

Covering items not on the agenda. Telephone and Wifi links are now available
Tel: 01267 874040. Two lines will be available.

Lease signed Nov 2nd. Sub leases awaiting legal advise. Rental arrangements are being discussed. The ” training rooms require furnishing and are not yet available for use. A response from Cwrs Y Fferi is awaited as to possible hire.

Name of Site 

Currently referred to as ” The Education Centre”.

Calon Y Fferi was proposed as a a possible title. The matter was discussed and a further description was proposed i.e.

Calon Y Fferi  Heart of the Community

Calon Y Fferi  Community Centre

Was then proposed as a compromise and carried by  8 votes to 1 abstention.

Chair’s Report

The chair confirmed that a 99 year lease of the site had now been signed with Carmarthen County Council. The expectation is that a 50% share in profit, payable to CCC, will not be payable since over £50,000 profit would have to be declared  over five years. There is no rent liability.

A draft list of proposed powers of delegation has been drawn up but not yet been presented to The Village Forum. These would propose that the external areas of the site would be overseen and managed by the Forum in agreement with FSEG.
Action Lucy Evans and Trustees.

Officers have by invitation, met with Mark James, director of S’Investec Llc a valuable expert in private funding with a wide range of contacts. He is happy to help and advise as required.

A meeting has been held with Cerian Rolls of Glam Fest, who has agreed to form a local committee to progress a Ferryside Musical Festival. The meeting will be held on December 7th and will be announced in STISH…..Action Trustees.

Secretary’s Report

The secretary is exploring what physical work needs doing on the site. This includes new toilets, and three quotes have been received, the most suitable being that submitted by DJ Plumbing at £ 6,500. An order will be placed when funds are available……… Action Secretary.  

The glass doors and windows of the Foyer require replacement with double glazing and quotes will be requested.  A new entrance gate is also required. A list of other requirements, including for the grounds and RAF Huts is being drawn up…Action Secretary

Over recent years a number of reports have indicated that the electricity supply should be updated before the main building is fit for public use.  An earlier estimate for a complete renewal of the whole site was £80,000. The secretary will discuss this with the company involved to identify the essential work on the main building and ascertain its cost.  It was decided that no public meetings would be allowed in the main building until the required electrical and safety work had been completed.

The tenants taking on the Cafe/ Restaurant will do their own work on the kitchen and bar.  Anyone developing a bunkhouse would also be expected to do the necessary electrical work.

As the building will be occupied by several sub-tenants, there is a need to apportion the cost of electricity consumed.  Having separate supplies has been discussed with Western Power and it would clearly be very expensive to implement. It would also have the disadvantage that standing charges would be applied to every account. A lower cost solution is to keep the existing account arrangement but to have private metering for each sub-tenant.  FSEG will need then to read the meters and apportion costs.  A spread-sheet will be set up to facilitate this.

The tenants taking on the Cafe/ Restaurant will do their own work on the kitchen and bar.  Anyone developing a bunkhouse would also be expected to do the necessary electrical work.

Considerable plumbing work is also required to supply the toilets and other areas. This would have to meet the requirements laid out in the Legionella Survey carried out by the County Council.  The secretary was authorised to employ a plumber for a day to investigate and understand what may be required to feed the kitchen and bar area.

Treasurer’s Report

The treasurer submitted a detailed report showing a balance of £2,450 with £228.97 petty cash. The initial solicitor fees have been paid as have the public liability insurance premium. Payments for the surgery are awaited via the County Council and it was decided to invoice for these……..Action Treasurer.


It was confirmed that Internet Access and Telephone exchange had been installed, but that further work would await the electrical work proposed. James was thanked for all his good work with the ICT.

Action Plan

The workshop findings had been distilled into a five page document which was presented by the chair. The proposed activities were outlined under the headings of FSEG, FORUM, SOCIAL ENTERPRISE GROUPS and PRIVATE ENTERPRISE along with possible red, amber and green risk factors. A column on mitigation would be added.

The document was welcomed and discussed in detail including formation of a Business Plan & Governance section under the Business Group and importantly a Survey & Refurbishment of Buildings & Utilities Section under the Infrastructure Group. The chair was appointed to oversee the former and LesJones the secretary appointed to oversee the latter. lt was emphasised that the groups would need to interact as necessary in order to get progress.   ………..Action Chair, Secretary and Trustees.


To be driven by the Business Group, in response to requirements identified and costed  by the Infrastructure Group.


FSEG to run a Stall at  the Forum Xmas Market…..Action Lynn Shallcross

FSEG  to man Coffee stall at one of the FORUM Xmas Markets…Action..Phill Johnes

Trip to Pembroke Funding Fair Narberth Nov17th………..Action  Secretary

It was suggested that Crowd Funding should be explored in the future.


Early December, date to be set.