Ferryside Social Enterprise Annual General Meeting 2018

Ferryside Social Enterprise Group
Calon y Fferi Community Centre


Monday April 23rd
Calon y Fferi Community Centre

Come and join us to hear about all the exciting things that are planned for the Community Centre during the coming year.

There are vacancies for new trustees ready to steer this valuable community resource into the next phase.

If you would like to know more,

please contact Sue (07967 688490)

What’s going on at Calon y Fferi Community Centre?

After months when nothing seemed to be stirring work has really taken off and anyone calling in to the centre will have seen changes since the New Year.

The most obvious, and probably the most welcome, has been the replacement of some of the old, draughty, mucky metal windows with new double-glazed units. Our current grant has only paid for a few but they have already transformed the appearance of the main entrance and the view from the road. We aim to replace all the rest later this year (fingers crossed for the second grant!!) While the new appearance is very important we are also pleased to find that the heat loss has reduced, and the centre is now a little warmer. The old boiler has been brought back to life but it’s clear that it is struggling so we aim to replace that soon too (keep those fingers crossed, please).

Inside the building walls are being knocked through, toilets are being built, wiring renewed and a lot of paint is being applied. By early summer we will have ten new business units ready for their tenants. Most of these have already been booked but if you are interested in a space for work or craft activities please contact us as we may have one room available. All these practical changes will make the centre more useful in the coming years.

The most exciting improvements are the ones that mean local people can finally come in and see for themselves how they can use this amazing site. The Forum Hall has had a new floor, a major re-wire and re-decoration, and was full to bursting during the recent Easter Markets. On Saturday 24th March the new restaurant, Pryd, opened its doors for a celebratory meal. Both these spaces will attract people into our lovely village.

Over the next few months we will be improving the access road, making it safer for people to get into and out of the centre.

Our AGM will be held at the community centre on April 23rd. Please come along and let us know how you would like this site to develop.

We have vacancies for new trustees and would really welcome anyone willing to contribute their time to make this a useful facility for the local area.

If you would like to know more, please contact Sue on 07967 688490 or chair@fseg.org.uk

UWTSD Theatre performances at Calon y Fferi

The School of Performing Arts from the University of Wales Trinity Saint David will be bringing three theatre performances to Calon Y Fferi (Ferryside Education Centre) on 27th, 28th, 29th & 30th May at 2pm, 5pm and 7pm each day. All of the performances are created by Final year students from the BA Acting and BA Theatre Design & Production degrees.

2pm – “The Stories of Hans Christian Andersen.” – Suitable for all the family. 

This adaptation by Mike Kenny tells the story of the famous Danish fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen.  Many actors take on the role of Anderson at the same time representing the many sides of his personality.  He struggled with his family, his education and his place within society, he wanted to be a poet, a singer, a novelist, an actor……and throughout this story we see him question the world around him.

The script is clever and witty and interspersed with the storyline about Andersen early struggles to find fame and fortune. Come see some of his best-known fairy tales, such as the Princess and the Pea, The Little Mermaid and the Emperor’s New Clothes, come to life.

Directed by Lynne Seymour

5pm – “Wave Me Goodbye” – Audience 12+ 

Extraordinary stories in an extraordinary setting.

‘This place anchors my heart. This place takes hold of you and will not let you go’

Time moves on, landscapes alter, memories fade.

When all is changing what remains?

Join us as we journey through the lives of those who find it hard to leave the air, the sea and the land of Ferryside. A collection of characters (you may or may not recognise…) navigate their way through the site and invite you to listen to their stories.

Written and performed by the cast, Wave Me Goodbye is an exploration of what it means to truly belong.

Directed by Carri Munn

7pm – “We The Jury” – Audience 16+ 

Join the Jury at The Court Of The Spoken Truth. Can you see the Truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

We the Jury is an immersive theatrical experience where the decisions you make affect the outcomes of the trial.

Innocent or Guilty? You decide.

Directed by Shane Nickels

All ticket money raised will be donated back to Calon Y Fferii (Ferryside Education Centre) to help the continued development of the site.

All tickets to be booked via email or phone: heather.thomas@uwtsd.ac.uk

or 01267 676669

No tickets available at the venue

All tickets money will be collected on arrival

site posters

Trustee update December 2015

With our concerns over the safety of the electrical supply to the various parts of the site our priority this month was to identify the actual state of the supply and to find potential solutions.

In summary
· Local contractors have visited the site and independently agreed that the whole system will need updating. However they agree that we can do this in stages. The need for modernisation was confirmed by a surveyor working on behalf of our insurance company.
· Most circuits have been disabled to avoid accidents and will only be reinstated once improvements have been made.
· A staged improvement plan has been put out to tender and we await quotes from two contractors
· The Forum/Sports Group have identified a possible additional route which would provide a safe, meter-able and independent supply to the sports hall. This would reduce the load on the supply to the RAF huts and remove a source of disagreement between user groups. Thanks to Lucy and Mike Evans for their work on this.
· A private donation of £4000 has been made with the specific brief to bring the electrical supply in the core of the main building up to a standard that will allow us to open the centre to tenants and public users. The addition of Gift Aid brings this up to £5000 and should make it possible to complete a significant part of stage one of the improvements. Thanks have been made to the benefactor and to Hugh for arranging the Gift Aid.

Rental space
Once we identified the electrical safety issues it was clear that certain parts of the site could not be let at this stage. However we then spoke to the people who had expressed a wish to rent rooms with a view to moving their interest forward. At this stage we believe that all lettable spaces have a commitment from a tenant that will result in an income within the next six months.

To summarise:-
· The surgery has been invoiced and we expect to receive our first instalment shortly
· We have decided not to offer the floor above the surgery to tenants at this stage as the electrical supply to these rooms is unsafe.
· Mark Harwood (from Men’s sheds) has moved in to an office space on the ground floor next to the surgery
· Three other people have expressed a firm interest in the other three rooms in that area and we are in the last stages of negotiating the improvements and rent arrangements
· We have agreed to let the smaller training room to Mike Utting (Springtide) from January. This change to our plans was a sensible response to the situation. The room next to the kitchens had no access to the main site (or toilets) so was not attractive to Mike. However we negotiated two year’s rent up front and a five year contract. Mike’s business is one of the fastest growing in Wales and will help us to attract other companies to the site.
· The Lamble Brothers are still seeking quotes for improvements in the kitchen and restaurant space and we expect to meet with them again in the New Year.
· We have a ‘hand-shake agreement’ on the development of a bunk house covering both ground and first floor rooms. We expect to meet again in the New Year to discuss detailed terms and a phased plan which we hope will have some rooms available to visitors during 2016.
· Dorothy Morris has taken possession of the old kitchen and has already started work on improving and refurbishing the area. We look forward to seeing ceramic courses there early in 2016.
· Carmarthen Modellers are awaiting the formal Sub-lease before taking on any further improvements. We expect to meet with them in January
· The Laundry may be needed as part of the bunkhouse deal so we are not yet moving on that. However if it becomes available we would like to advertise it more widely and see if it can attract a higher income.

Most of the work on site will need additional funds from external sources. Les and the Infrastructure group are compiling an impressive list of essential works so we will need a sizeable chunk of money in the next few years.

· Lucy is working on a number of Grant applications which will cover small scale work and the larger development project. If she contacts you for information or a contribution to the narrative please could you respond promptly as the major grant funders have a very tight turn-around time.
· A request will go to the next Community Council meeting in January to fund the provision of two toilets. Please keep your fingers (and legs!) crossed

Again a lot of work has taken place this month.

· In addition to the survey of electrics we have also had the water and electricity meters read. Both these activities have thrown up anomalies which may take a while to untangle.
· We have quotes for the replacement of the rotten windows and doors around the foyer and restaurant area.
· A site for the accessible toilet has been identified (thank you James). We will be putting this project out to tender shortly
· The old school gates have been offered to us and we are exploring the possibility of using them on two new pedestrian entrances to the site. This will allow us to keep them in the village while also improving community walking routes.
· The work on creating an up-to-date ICT system continues and further changes are planned as the new tenants move in and make it clear what they require.

Business planning group
This group met once and has agreed a plan of action and a series of dates for future meetings.
· Dorothy, Lynn, Lucy, and Mike please put these dates in your diary: 7th January, 4th February, 3rd March. (Everyone else please ignore!!)
· The fundraising activities have been impressive. We have raised around £130 over the three weeks of the market and raised our profile both locally and further afield through all your efforts. Thank you!!

Our current a/c balance as at 20/12/2015 is : £ 5,739.85
Our Petty Cash : £190.45

Trustee meetings 2016
We have two further meetings before the next AGM is due. Can I suggest we stick with the third Monday in the month and meet on January 18th and February 15th

This would allow us to set the AGM date as 21st March.

NOTES of FSEG Meeting August 17th main Hall, Ed Centre 7:30pm


Ms Sue Abbott           Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec.
Prof Delme Bowen     Min. Sec.
Mr Hugh Williams.     Tres.
Mr James Greenwell  I T
Mrs Lucy Evans         Ass. Tres.
Mr Mike Evans
Mr Jonathan Fearn,  Head of Corporate Property County C.
Mr Bob Gunstone
Ms Cerian Rolls,       The Glam Org.
Mrs Lynn Shallcross
Cllr Mair Stephens    County Cllr
Mrs Dorothy Morris   Arts & Crafts

Mr Colin Butters
Rev Phil Johnes
Mr Rhydian Lewis

The Chair welcomed members and presented a revised agenda to focus on a proposed Youth Musical Festival, a discussion with Mr Jonathan Fear regarding Progress with the County Lease and the Fund Raising Event. It was agreed that outstanding items would be deferred to the next routine meeting.

Youth Music Festival

Ms Cerian Rolls, the director of the “Glam Organisation” supporting youth music development throughout Wales introduced the topic, explaining that the original group developed from the Glamorgan County youth music organisation. She pointed out that the non-profit making organisation had a wealth of skills, commitment and passion to promote youth music and though currently unfunded, would like to develop a base and a festival at Ferryside.

The organisation was a Schools BBC Champion and had the active support of Sir Karl Davies and others and would be performing at St Davids Hall, Cardiff. She proposed the setting up of a Glam Fest at Ferryside involving workshops, rehearsals , performances and associated games. Such a venture would be of great benefit for the village as a whole as participants would require local accommodation, for example, holiday cottages, farms, caravans and hotels. The event would be marketed as a family holiday involving free performing art.

The target week would be August 22nd-26th 2016 with a follow up performance at St David Hall on Aug 27th. The typical agenda would include music workshops in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday some being free, but other associated workshops could also be accommodated. There would also be extra sessions for sectional rehearsals and additional family run games in the afternoons. Much of the income would come from  two sets of concerts to be held in the evening. Approximately 300 musicians are involved currently with Glam Fest aspiring to European Standards and they have established a National Instrument Bank for Wales .

The proposal received a very warm welcome from the trustees and a wide ranging discussion took place on possible venues in Ferryside and Llansaint. These included the Education Centre, The Sports and Social Club, the Village Halls, Churches and Chapels as well as hotels. It was decided that grant funding would be explored by Glam Fest and jointly with FSEG and that the Community Council would also be involved in order to fully inform the public………Action Cerian Rolls of Glam Fest and Trustees

Progress with Lease

The Chair reminded the meeting of a number of queries raised with the County Council in respect of the draft lease of the Education Centre to FSEG.

Mr Jonathan Fearn, an officer with Carmarthen County Council then went through the outstanding issues with the proposed Lease and proposed that these issues be clarified in an associated “Side Letter”. Eight points of misunderstanding were discussed and agreed with Mr Fearn for incorporation into the Side Letter associated with the Lease. Particular attention was give to the County view of “full market rent” and it was agree that this was flexible and depend on what improvements the tenants would require to make and the condition of the premisis  being offered. The Lease and Side letter agreed between FSEG and the County Council would be for 99 years, but included a provision for a break clause after two years. Standard model leases are available for FSEG to use with potential tenants as well as simpler tenants agreements that would facilitate short term rentals. In the meantime, the County will repair the broken windows and kitchen door, check the trailing cables and drainage of the Health Centre path as requested.

The trustees voted in favour of signing  the Lease along with the explanatory “side Letter”, provided that its wording reflected the agreements made……………………………

Action: County Council and FSEG officers.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Taken as read

Treasurers Report

The treasurer tabled a report indicating a balance of £ 2,881.82.

Fund Raising Event

Mrs Christine Castle is to lead a general Fund Raising Meeting to enable FSEG to develop an

integrated plan on Saturday 19th September

Main Hall, Ed. Centre, 1:30 pm till 5pm.

All trustees and associated project groups and Clubs to attend along with prospective tennants and authors of funding bids………….

Action Sec and Chair.


The Secretary advised that the insurance cover for the Ed. Centre remained as quoted, approximately £ 3,700.

As yet there has been no response from Dragonscapes.

Bob Gunstone indicated that Cllr Emlyn Dole, the leader of Carmarthen County Council would be invited to re-launch Men’s Sheds. Delme suggested that Cllrs Mair Stephens And Emlyn Dole be invited to launch the education centre when appropriate.

Next Meetings:

FUNDING WORKSHOP……..Saturday Sept 19th

Other Meetings:

Sept 21st
Oct 19th
Nov 16th
Dec 21st
Jan 18th 2016
Feb 15th
March 21st
April 18th

NOTES of FSEG Meeting April 13th 2015

At the Sports & Social Club 7:30pm

Trustees & Officers
Ms Sue Abbott          Chair
Mr Les Jones            Secretary
Mr Hugh Williams      Treasurer
Mrs Lucy Evans.        Assistant Tresurer
Mr James Greenwell  IT
Prof Delme Bowen.    Minutes/Press

Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Mike Evans
Mrs Dorothy Morris
Mrs Lynne Shallcross

Rev Phil Johnes
Cllr Mike Evans
Mr Colin Butters

Cllr Mair Stephens.

Matters Arising
The Treasurer reiterated that the terms of the Surgery Lease will require inspection and scrutiny before FSEG sign their Lease.

Chairs Report
The chair emphasised that the current agenda will look at basic administrative structures. The Lease from the County is being finalised. Bids for the use of space in the building will be subject to approval by FSEG and applicants will have to indicate what the space they request will be used for and the nature of their business. Current users would be considered as preferred bidders.

Trustees & Members
Trustees have a legal role to safeguard the assets of the group ( FSEG). Five people were appointed as Trustees at the AGM, namely Sue Abbott, Les Jones, Hugh Williams, James Greenwell, and Delme Bowen. It was resolved that a further five trustees be added, namely Mike Bailey, Mr Mike Evans, Lucy Evans, Dorothy Morris and Lynn Shallcross. A vote was taken and it was unanimously resolved that these ten individuals would be Trustees of FSEG. Mr Colin Butters was requested to communicate this decision to the Charity Commission..Action C. Butters……

After further discussion it was decided that monthly Open Trustee meetings would be held, which members could also attend. But that decisions would be made and voted on only by the trustees. It was also decided that periodic members meetings could also be called and held, including an annual general meeting. Mr Mike Evans suggested that a wider stake holder base could also be established in the villages and this was favourably received and noted for future action. The chair requested that the respective roles of FSEG officers should be defined…Action, Chair and Officers..

It was felt that our current membership list could be used as a starting point, but that the Secretary should draw up a membership form and establish a suitable membership fee, so that FSEG membership could be expanded…Action Mr Les Jones……

It was also felt that as membership expanded consideration could be given to the appointment of a Membership Secretary.

The chair requested that a monthly diary for the year be established. It was decided that the Open Trustee meetings be held on the third Monday of every month ( currently at the Sports & Social Club) Membership meetings could be held periodically or quarterly at which all members could vote and guests be invited to observe. Decisions voted upon would be subject to Trustee approval.

Secretaries Report
The Secretary reported that the Draft Lease from the County Council had been commented upon and responded to but no reaction from the County had yet been received. Income received from rentals is still under discussion and the County requested a clause covering the dispersal of any “profits” received. FSEG however envisages operating as a Charity and so the profits issue may not apply.

The secretary took unilateral action to bid for a grant from Jewson, as the closing date was April 13th. A grant of £50,000 was applied for and a decision is pending.The secretary was thanked for his initiative.

Treasurers Report
The treasurer reported a balance of £ 3,486.75, comprising in the main of a grant received from St Ishmael’s Community Council. The treasurer is preparing a full year forecast. It was noted that a quarter advanced payment of £ 2.2 K will be made from the Surgery when the Lease is signed. Site insurance will be paid on take-over of the site.

Current users are Ferryside Village Forum, Men’s Sheds, the Sports Club, Broadside Films, Arts & Crafts and potentially, IT Project and Heritage Project.

  • Men’s Sheds, it was noted, have 22 members and would like more space.
  • Ferryside Village Forum who run a market at the site have arranged a joint venture with FSEG on May 23rd. FSEG will run an information and membership stall and the Forum will run a Wild Weekend Planting Day  called “Join the Buzz” to help bees, butterflies and pollinators. It will involve the School and will include a children’s garden treasure hunt for seeds and Maypole dancing. The public will be invited.
  • The Sports Club are seeking new members and would like to use the main hall for Table-tennis and short mat bowls and future events along with the Forum.
  • Arts and Crafts are are awaiting the discussions on the Lease.
  • The Heritage Project would like to interpret the landscape that the military used during the World-War 2 and Rev Phil Johnes is taking this forward for a grant.
  • Broadside Films would like to retain space in the huts.
  • The IT Project are awaiting the arrival of optic fibre cables to upgrade broadband facilities in the future and  the allocation of space will have to be made accordingly.

Monday May 18th 7:30pm Sports & Social Club.

Future Meetings:
June 15th
July 20th
Aug 17th
Sept 21st
Oct 9th
Nov 16th
Dec 21st
Jan 18th 2016
Feb 15th
March 21st
April 18th

NOTES of FSEG AGM Meeting MARCH 23, 2015

At the Sports & Social Club 7:30pm


Rev Philip Johnes   Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec
Mr Hugh Williams    Tres
Mr James Greenwell IT
Prof Delme Bowen.   Press
Cllr Mair Stephens

Ms Sue Abbott
Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Anthony Bushell
Mr Trevor Elliot
Mrs Helen Elliot
Mr Mike Evans
Cllr Mike Evans
Mrs Lucy Evans

Apologies for absence

Colin Butters, Dorothy Morris, Robert Gunstone and Viv Rees.

The Chair welcomed everyone to the AGM meeting, explaining that it had been postponed to allow resolution of the Asbestos review. Carmarthen County council are now dealing with the encapsulation and removal of asbestos from relevant sites.


The FSEG Lease is now being drawn up following discussion of the draft with county officers. A solicitor has been appointed to act on behalf of FSEG. A vote of thanks was proposed and carried for the hard work of all the officers and Cllr. Mair Stephens. It was surmised that more people would need to get involved to run the centre, once opened.

Secretaries Report

The secretary confirmed that paid legal work was proceeding with the FSEG Lease, these included searches in respect of environmental and flooding risks. The risk of flooding appeared to be low.

The sub -lease for the Doctors Surgery was proceeding separately  as part of the LHB and County council agreement. This included a Legionella survey which would become a duty once the Lease is signed.

The overall date of completion was estimated as May 1 2015.

There was a break clause for both leases in two years involving six months notice and a further break clause after five years. It was decided that FSEG should investigate and clarify further the notice periods so as to enable a timely response to any proposed changes of occupancy by the Surgery.

Treasurers Report

The treasurer submitted a detailed report of the accounts outlining the utilisation of a £13.6k Rural Development grant, leaving a balance of £7.75 at the end of the financial year. A current balance of £3,468.75 was reported following receipt of a  Community Council Grant.

Election of Officers

Rev Phil Johns vacated the chair which was taken by Cllr Mair Stephens for the election of new officers.

Phillip indicated that if possible he would be happy to stand down and after discussion Ms Sue Abbott was elected chair and at this stage took the chair.

Mr les Jones was re-elected secretary. Mr Hugh Williams offered to stand down as treasurer , but was persuaded to continue and re-elected with the assistance of Mrs Lucy Evans, an experienced Business Development Officer. Mrs Evans agreed to make her assistance available as necessary. The IT and Publicity Officer James Greenwell and Press and Minutes Sec, Delme Bowen were re- elected.

It was decided that the five elected officers should be invited to become trustees. It was noted that other members could be added as trustees.


Mr Hugh Williams indicated that The Medical Surgery issues should be followed closely since initial income to FSEG would be dependant on Surgery rental.


At the Sports and Social Club Monday the April 13th at 7.30pm