NOTES of FSEG Meeting July 20th Mens Sheds 7:30pm


Ms Sue Abbott          Chair
Mr Les Jones             Secretary
Prof Delme Bowen     Minute Secretary
Mr Hugh Williams.     Tresurer
Mr James Greenwell  IT
Mr Colin Butters
Mrs Lucy Evans          Assistant Tresurer
Mr Mike Evans
Mr Bob Gunstone
Mr Rhydian Lewis
Mrs Lynn Shallcros


Rev Phil Johnes
Cllr Mair Stephens

Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted and had been distributed electronically. Men’s Sheds requested a printed hard copy. The  action plan submitted by Broadside Films was accepted. It was confirmed that FSEG membership fee would be £5 and that Paypal could be used in future to pay it, in addition to the usual  methods of subscription. Some of the Trustee Responses to roles had been received. A Model Role for Trustees document to be circulated for adoption……

Action: Chair and Secretary

The treasurer at this juncture submitted his report indicating a balance of £3,469:62 and £ 212.64 petty cash. It was also agreed to investigate the use of  “Easy fundraiser” on the internet…….

Action: Treasurer & I.T.

Lucy reported that the Asda bid for funds had not been successful. The charity coconut shy at the Carnival raised £43. 34 including float. The market Coffee shop next Saturday, July 25th is to be run for FSEG funds………..

Action: Secretary & Co.

It was reported that the stream and wetlands behind the centre would make an ideal wild life site. A Biodiversity expert and Dragonscapes would be contacted.

Action: Secretary and Assistant Treasurer

Progress on Lease

Officers reported some concern on the legalistic terms outlined in the sixth draft and are liaising with the County Council legal department on a seventh version.

Concern was raised over responsibilities for uninsured losses, the extent of reserved funds that could be spent improving the centre and the 50per cent income returnable to the County over and above the reserved income of £ 50,000 obtained from rentals.  It was stated that rental charge to tenants should be at “market value”. The County reserve the right to sell the site if FSEG were in default. The site must be  kept “0pen” during the term of the Lease and the property redecorated every five years or at the discretion of the County. Any  Plant and Equipment must also be maintained.

The meeting felt that the terms of the Lease need further clarification and it was requested that Cllr Mair Stephens invite the leader of the County Council, Cllr Emlyn Dole and relevant officers to meet the trustees on site to help explain our charitable aims and help resolve the issues raised before formulating a final version of the Lease….

Action:Chair and Sec to draft the letter to Mair and County Council in consultation with Delme and Bob.

Asbestos Issues.

Emily Thomas and Andrew Sweet of the County Council have had a meeting with FSEG concerning these issues and an asbestos management plan has been received charting the categories and types of asbestos  and who can do the work on them. All such sites at the centre appear to pose only a low risk and can be tacked as described in the  management plan, which also contains a list of approved contractors.

Potential Tenants

A dozen or so tenants were listed many requesting an office or rooms. A few envisaged starting a new business and would require help to get the buildings up to standard.
Carmarthen Modellers expressed an interest in producing a diorama of Ferryside which would fit in well with the heritage agenda. Cwrs Y Fferi expressed an interest in establish  a one week intensive Welsh Language course at the centre….

Action: Chair, Secretary and Trustees.

Action Plan and Fund Raising.

A one day Saturday session is to be organised by Christine Castle in September to assist trustees and interested members  including potential tenants to develop appropriate projects and submit successful grant applications for funding. This will assist in developing an action plan related to what funding bids emerge.


The meeting felt happy with current arrangements whereby the officers advise trustees of any significant developments during the month.

AOB none

Next Meetings

Aug 17th
Sept 21st
Oct 19th
Nov 16th
Dec 21st
Jan 18th 2016
Feb 15th
March 21st
April 18th


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