FSEG MEETING Sept 1st. RAF Hut, Education Centre
Rev Philip Johnes Chair
Mr Les Jones Sec
Mr Hugh Williams Tres
Mr James Greenwell IT
Prof Delme Bowen. Press
Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Anthony Bushell
Mr Colin Butters
Mr Bob Gunstone
Mr Viv Rees
Cllr Mair Stephens
Mike Evans, Jim Greer, Simon Davies
Jill Furniss, Linda Morgan,Lynn Shallcross
Charity Status
The application for CIO status has been forwarded by Colin Butters to the Charity Commissioners. Response expected Sept 17th.
Following a strategy meeting on Aug 17th, the officers recommended a Progressive Development of the site rather than seeking big grants for major changes. An overall Lease for the site would be sought from the County Council and FSEG would act as landlord for the various groups and businesses attracted. FSEG and the groups would continue to apply for appropriate and realistic grants in a twin track approach. The secretary outlined the estimated maintenance costs and tabled an account estimating £11,002 per annum. Income from the Surgery was expected to be £10,000 and the Community Council had been asked to cover the site building insurance estimated to be about £2,200. The site would be managed by FSEG officers and each group was asked to nominate their respective project managers, initially working on a voluntary basis. FSEG would be the overall Leaseholder, Landlord and arbiter, sub contracting to individual groups. Cllr Stephens advised that the relationships between FSEG and the groups would have to be well defined.
The above outline strategy was unanimously agreed by the members, who would now report back to their groups and nominate group managers.
Mr Bob Gunstone indicated that some groups who already had short term individual leases from the County Council would need these extended before they could proceed with grant applications. He had advised the County Council of this.
Percy Emmet Meeting
Percy Emmet has small business expertise, especially in relation to the creative Arts and has undertaken to run a marketing and vision workshop at the education centre from the 12th to the 14th of October.
Glanyfferi School
The chair reported that the new head is keen to use the main hall being developed by the Sports Club and would like to inspect the facilities available in the main building for passible future classroom use. FSEG will explore the possibility of grants to aid the the School and Community to work together.
The launch of the Ferryside Heritage Society by Mr Viv Rees was welcomed and has been advertised in STISH. The group intends in due course to obtain grants from HLF and other sources once the issue of the County Lease has been settled. Meanwhile,it will also explore sites outside the centre for local story boards.
Men’s Sheds
Is up and running currently operating with a short term lease from the County. It looks forward to working closely with the Heritage and Sports Groups and is liaising also with the Village Forum. Grant applications are pending subject to clarification of the lease issue.
The Official Opening of Men’s Sheds will take place on site on Sept 13th.
Dorothy Morris continues to be interested in acquiring kiln space in the kitchen area of the RAF hut, but at the moment is proceeding on an independent basis.
Sports Group
The main hall has been cleared in readiness for use and electricity is to be supplied shortly. The village Forum Market plan to use the hall under wet weather conditions.
Mr James Greenwell indicated he would be pleased to set up and support an IT group when appropriate.
Business Interests
Sarah Williams of Llansaint has expressed an interest in the kitchen of the main building and in the possibility of setting up a Bakery and Cafe, which could if successful become a core service for the site.
Trevor and Helen have expressed an interest in developing the on site Laundry.
Members agreed that allotments would be welcomed and desirable.
Local Partnerships
The chair indicated that it might be worthwhile contacting local enterprises such as Farm Cottages and Ferry Farm for possible collaborations.
The secretary indicated that FSEG would continue its search for grants in order to improve the site and access to the main building, initially targeting CWM.
Sept 22nd RAF Hut, Education Centre 7pm.

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