Notes of FSEG MEETING Monday Oct 19th 7:30pm CALON Y FFERI

Ms Sue Abbott          Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec.
Prof Delme Bowen    Min. Sec.
Mr Hugh Williams.    Tresurer
Mr James Greenwell  I T
Mrs Lucy Evans         Assistant Treasurer.
Mr Mike Evans
Mrs Lynn Shallcross

Mrs Dorothy Morris


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as correct.

Matters Arising

A separate meeting has been arranged with Cerian Rolls to discuss the possible Youth Music Festival. A report on the Fund Raising meeting is pending from the chair.

Dragon Scapes have visited the site and recommended the establishment of a shallow pond and Hugel mound behind the hall. The establishment of a wild flower meadow is under discussion.

Chairs Report

The chair requested more help in future to clean the centre before events. …Action All Trustees and Members.

Thanks were give to the few that did help,especially Mrs Ceinwen Jones. A very successful  Funding meeting and Signing Ceremony have been held.

Officers have had ongoing discussions with:

  1. Two  potential bidders hoping to establish and run a hostel/ bunk house .
  2. A bidder hoping to establish and open a Cafe and restaurant with bar, who
    would be prepared to get the boiler up and running to heat the restaurant  and central area.
  3. Mr Richard Payne a construction contract manager who is prepared to offer site management expertise. His name has also
    been added to a list of potential builders.

A leaflet was tabled describing the site and its potential based on the article in STISH. It was decided to distribute this more widely in the village.

The chair who is no longer an issue officer of The Village Forum suggested that we hold a future meeting with them to discuss potential delegated or shared responsibilities and this was agreed……Action: Chair and Secretary.

Meanwhile the Forum was invited to draw up an environmental plan for the site for future discussion….Action: The Village Forum

Treasurers Report

The treasurer submitted a detailed report indicating £ 2991.97 in the current account and £ 317.97 Petty Cash from recent fundraising. He drew attention to an anticipated expenditure of £ 1,140 on solicitor fees and £1,300 on ICT costs. Discussion took place on when the LHB could be invoiced and it was noted that the rental could be backdated to Oct 5th when they signed their lease.


It was reported that one telephone line had already been installed and that the cabling structures and switches were good for Wifi. Internet connection was awaited.

Secretary Report

A wiring plan was emerging for the site and some basic electrics had been repaired and made functional. The secretary, who is taking advice, indicated that allocating electrical costs to users would not be easy and might require separate metering of different sections of the buildings. It was noted that commercial standing charges can be expensive…….Action Secretary.

On the administrative side an annual return to the Charities Commission had been completed and submitted. There had been further detailed exchanges on the leases, but the main lease was now ready to sign. The LHB lease had already been agreed and signed. It is a 5 year lease with a possible break after two years. Work is being undertaken to prepare the sub leases,especially to enable the development of the kitchen and restaurant. Two basic types of lease are envisaged, one for clubs and community use and the other for business or commercial use.

An invitation to tender for two unisex toilets for the centre has been issued.

Rental Arrangements

The purpose of FSEG as a Charity is to benefit the community of Ferryside and St Ishmael by bringing together local groups and enabling educational, social, welfare or leisure activities. Any commercial activities at the site are for the express purpose of creating a financially viable centre where community activities can take place.

It was decided that a realistic commercial-rent will be taken for all businesses and that space may be offered at no rent  to non-profit organisations provided that they are fully responsible for the repair and maintenance of the space they occupy and cooperate fully with FSEG and the other tenants in the overall development of the site.

This was carried, the chair didn’t vote to make 5 for and  2 against  and 1 abstention. Two trustees proposing that all tenants should pay some rental. Appropriate rental charges were tabled and discussed.

It was decided that Grant Funding and an Action Plan now needs to be urgently considered.   Action Chair, Secretary, Lucy Evans, Treasurer and all Trustees.


Lynn Shallcross suggested that members bring forward local fund raising activities leading to Halloween and Xmas.

Les Jones indicated that Cwrs Y Fferi, would require class rooms for teaching Welsh in the community in February. This meant that heating and new toilets would need to be progressed quickly.


Dec 21st
Jan 18th 2016
Feb 15th
March 21st
April 18th

Ferryside Residential Education Centre

On September 22nd Ferryside Social Enterprise Group reached a very important milestone.

Carmarthenshire County Council handed over the former Education Centre to be used for the benefit of the local community.

That simple sentence hides a massive amount of work by a small group of people over many years. However, in a nutshell, the trustees of FSEG will now be working towards creating somewhere where local people can to do the sorts of things that make life better.

The Health Centre is already based there and will continue to provide a doctor’s surgery and access to a pharmacy and nursing care. Over the next few months we will be exploring ways to bring other health and welfare services into the centre so you can avoid unnecessary travel. You will already have visited the weekly market through the summer and seen the wonderful food and craft provided by a plethora of small local producers. Have you also found out about the sport groups using the refurbished hall? It’s well worth a visit – even if you are not feeling very sporty it makes an excellent venue for parties.

Broadside Films is proof that young people do not need a plan B to move into the competitive world of media production. All you need is talent and a lot of hard work. Their activity on this site is due to increase in the next year but meanwhile, check out their film about the centenary of Bryn WI.

We have recently welcomed the Carmarthen Modellers to the site and their enthusiastic working groups have tidied up some unloved areas and created a welcoming space for people throughout the county who enjoy working in miniature. We expect great things from them.

A Men’s Shed group has become a hive of activity at least twice a week and is growing fast. In addition to working on individual projects the men have made ukeleles and entered in the “Pimp My Uke competition in Cardiff. They have also made beehives and a coracle as part of local community activities.

Art and Crafts will be an important theme on this site and the ceramic workshop to be created by our local artist, Dorothy Morris, will bring people into the village to learn new skills and share their inspiration

With a proposed network of internet connection and reception services on site, discussions are also beginning with people able to create a gallery area, a fine foods kitchen, offices for small businesses and start-up enterprises. It will also provide a focus for the interpretation and display of the local area heritage, both natural and man-made.

All of this will need a lot more work.

The buildings have been empty for nearly ten years, have been vandalised and lots of copper pipe has been stolen. The resident spider population alone will need a massive eviction campaign. Parts of the site will be cleared to use as growing spaces for individuals and community groups. However the wildlife making its home in the areas around the drainage ditch and wooded background will be cherished as they form part of a wider conservation monitoring and education activity in the community.

Meanwhile we are preparing for the return of Welsh language courses to their home here and exploring how we can host a national youth music festival next summer.

Exciting times, eh?!!

If you want to know more about this we have a Facebook page and website which are updated frequently.

How can you get involved?   We need a lot of practical help.

In the next few months we will be cleaning, clearing and bringing the site back to life. If you have practical skills they will be really valuable. We will need to use professionally trained people to restore the plumbing and electrical supplies. Some areas of the site will need plastering, repainting and deep cleaning.

Can you:

  • Use a mop, a vacuum cleaner or a duster?
  • Wield a paint-brush, sander or power tools?
  • Move furniture or unblock doors and windows?
  • Help with fundraising
  • Spare a couple of hours a week to talk to visitors?
  • Do some gardening work

Also, please check through our wish-list of equipment and materials and donate what you can:

  • Electric Heaters
  • PC projector and screen
  • Printer
  • Cleaning materials
  • Buckets
  • Cleaning cloths
  • Scrubbing brushes
  • Heavy duty vacuum cleaner
  • Paint (internal and external)
  • Paintbrushes
  • Brush cleaner
  • Cutlery and crockery
  • Gardening tools
  • Tea, coffee, biscuits
  • etc, etc
  • ie, almost anything useful

All of these will be needed if we are to provide the kind of community centre that the area deserves. We will be speaking to everyone we know asking for help to make this work but please don’t wait to be asked. If you would like to be a part of this exciting project please contact Sue Abbott (01267 267097),
Les Jones (01267 267123) or any FSEG trustee. (See


We are very, very close to taking over the education centre!!!

We are very, very close to taking over the education centre!!!
And now we really need your help.
Please could you spare a few hours and some elbow grease?
Working parties are on:-
Saturday 12th 3-00 to 5-00
Tuesday 15th 2-00 to 5-00
All welcome!!
Please bring cleaning stuff and marigolds
…. it’s Mucky!!!!!

Events at The Education Centre in September

  • Every Saturday 10am; Forum Open-air Market and Men’s Shed
  • Saturday 5th September, 10:30am; Visit by Rachel Moses, Carmarthen Journal Reporter
  • Tuesday 15th September, 2pm; Working Party
  • Saturday 19th September, 1:30pm; Funding workshop, for agenda and more informative please see: We are very nearly there
  • Tuesday 22nd September, 6pm; Lease Signing and Mens Shed Formal Opening

NOTES of FSEG Meeting August 17th main Hall, Ed Centre 7:30pm


Ms Sue Abbott           Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec.
Prof Delme Bowen     Min. Sec.
Mr Hugh Williams.     Tres.
Mr James Greenwell  I T
Mrs Lucy Evans         Ass. Tres.
Mr Mike Evans
Mr Jonathan Fearn,  Head of Corporate Property County C.
Mr Bob Gunstone
Ms Cerian Rolls,       The Glam Org.
Mrs Lynn Shallcross
Cllr Mair Stephens    County Cllr
Mrs Dorothy Morris   Arts & Crafts

Mr Colin Butters
Rev Phil Johnes
Mr Rhydian Lewis

The Chair welcomed members and presented a revised agenda to focus on a proposed Youth Musical Festival, a discussion with Mr Jonathan Fear regarding Progress with the County Lease and the Fund Raising Event. It was agreed that outstanding items would be deferred to the next routine meeting.

Youth Music Festival

Ms Cerian Rolls, the director of the “Glam Organisation” supporting youth music development throughout Wales introduced the topic, explaining that the original group developed from the Glamorgan County youth music organisation. She pointed out that the non-profit making organisation had a wealth of skills, commitment and passion to promote youth music and though currently unfunded, would like to develop a base and a festival at Ferryside.

The organisation was a Schools BBC Champion and had the active support of Sir Karl Davies and others and would be performing at St Davids Hall, Cardiff. She proposed the setting up of a Glam Fest at Ferryside involving workshops, rehearsals , performances and associated games. Such a venture would be of great benefit for the village as a whole as participants would require local accommodation, for example, holiday cottages, farms, caravans and hotels. The event would be marketed as a family holiday involving free performing art.

The target week would be August 22nd-26th 2016 with a follow up performance at St David Hall on Aug 27th. The typical agenda would include music workshops in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday some being free, but other associated workshops could also be accommodated. There would also be extra sessions for sectional rehearsals and additional family run games in the afternoons. Much of the income would come from  two sets of concerts to be held in the evening. Approximately 300 musicians are involved currently with Glam Fest aspiring to European Standards and they have established a National Instrument Bank for Wales .

The proposal received a very warm welcome from the trustees and a wide ranging discussion took place on possible venues in Ferryside and Llansaint. These included the Education Centre, The Sports and Social Club, the Village Halls, Churches and Chapels as well as hotels. It was decided that grant funding would be explored by Glam Fest and jointly with FSEG and that the Community Council would also be involved in order to fully inform the public………Action Cerian Rolls of Glam Fest and Trustees

Progress with Lease

The Chair reminded the meeting of a number of queries raised with the County Council in respect of the draft lease of the Education Centre to FSEG.

Mr Jonathan Fearn, an officer with Carmarthen County Council then went through the outstanding issues with the proposed Lease and proposed that these issues be clarified in an associated “Side Letter”. Eight points of misunderstanding were discussed and agreed with Mr Fearn for incorporation into the Side Letter associated with the Lease. Particular attention was give to the County view of “full market rent” and it was agree that this was flexible and depend on what improvements the tenants would require to make and the condition of the premisis  being offered. The Lease and Side letter agreed between FSEG and the County Council would be for 99 years, but included a provision for a break clause after two years. Standard model leases are available for FSEG to use with potential tenants as well as simpler tenants agreements that would facilitate short term rentals. In the meantime, the County will repair the broken windows and kitchen door, check the trailing cables and drainage of the Health Centre path as requested.

The trustees voted in favour of signing  the Lease along with the explanatory “side Letter”, provided that its wording reflected the agreements made……………………………

Action: County Council and FSEG officers.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Taken as read

Treasurers Report

The treasurer tabled a report indicating a balance of £ 2,881.82.

Fund Raising Event

Mrs Christine Castle is to lead a general Fund Raising Meeting to enable FSEG to develop an

integrated plan on Saturday 19th September

Main Hall, Ed. Centre, 1:30 pm till 5pm.

All trustees and associated project groups and Clubs to attend along with prospective tennants and authors of funding bids………….

Action Sec and Chair.


The Secretary advised that the insurance cover for the Ed. Centre remained as quoted, approximately £ 3,700.

As yet there has been no response from Dragonscapes.

Bob Gunstone indicated that Cllr Emlyn Dole, the leader of Carmarthen County Council would be invited to re-launch Men’s Sheds. Delme suggested that Cllrs Mair Stephens And Emlyn Dole be invited to launch the education centre when appropriate.

Next Meetings:

FUNDING WORKSHOP……..Saturday Sept 19th

Other Meetings:

Sept 21st
Oct 19th
Nov 16th
Dec 21st
Jan 18th 2016
Feb 15th
March 21st
April 18th

NOTES of FSEG Meeting July 20th Mens Sheds 7:30pm


Ms Sue Abbott          Chair
Mr Les Jones             Secretary
Prof Delme Bowen     Minute Secretary
Mr Hugh Williams.     Tresurer
Mr James Greenwell  IT
Mr Colin Butters
Mrs Lucy Evans          Assistant Tresurer
Mr Mike Evans
Mr Bob Gunstone
Mr Rhydian Lewis
Mrs Lynn Shallcros


Rev Phil Johnes
Cllr Mair Stephens

Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes of the last meeting were accepted and had been distributed electronically. Men’s Sheds requested a printed hard copy. The  action plan submitted by Broadside Films was accepted. It was confirmed that FSEG membership fee would be £5 and that Paypal could be used in future to pay it, in addition to the usual  methods of subscription. Some of the Trustee Responses to roles had been received. A Model Role for Trustees document to be circulated for adoption……

Action: Chair and Secretary

The treasurer at this juncture submitted his report indicating a balance of £3,469:62 and £ 212.64 petty cash. It was also agreed to investigate the use of  “Easy fundraiser” on the internet…….

Action: Treasurer & I.T.

Lucy reported that the Asda bid for funds had not been successful. The charity coconut shy at the Carnival raised £43. 34 including float. The market Coffee shop next Saturday, July 25th is to be run for FSEG funds………..

Action: Secretary & Co.

It was reported that the stream and wetlands behind the centre would make an ideal wild life site. A Biodiversity expert and Dragonscapes would be contacted.

Action: Secretary and Assistant Treasurer

Progress on Lease

Officers reported some concern on the legalistic terms outlined in the sixth draft and are liaising with the County Council legal department on a seventh version.

Concern was raised over responsibilities for uninsured losses, the extent of reserved funds that could be spent improving the centre and the 50per cent income returnable to the County over and above the reserved income of £ 50,000 obtained from rentals.  It was stated that rental charge to tenants should be at “market value”. The County reserve the right to sell the site if FSEG were in default. The site must be  kept “0pen” during the term of the Lease and the property redecorated every five years or at the discretion of the County. Any  Plant and Equipment must also be maintained.

The meeting felt that the terms of the Lease need further clarification and it was requested that Cllr Mair Stephens invite the leader of the County Council, Cllr Emlyn Dole and relevant officers to meet the trustees on site to help explain our charitable aims and help resolve the issues raised before formulating a final version of the Lease….

Action:Chair and Sec to draft the letter to Mair and County Council in consultation with Delme and Bob.

Asbestos Issues.

Emily Thomas and Andrew Sweet of the County Council have had a meeting with FSEG concerning these issues and an asbestos management plan has been received charting the categories and types of asbestos  and who can do the work on them. All such sites at the centre appear to pose only a low risk and can be tacked as described in the  management plan, which also contains a list of approved contractors.

Potential Tenants

A dozen or so tenants were listed many requesting an office or rooms. A few envisaged starting a new business and would require help to get the buildings up to standard.
Carmarthen Modellers expressed an interest in producing a diorama of Ferryside which would fit in well with the heritage agenda. Cwrs Y Fferi expressed an interest in establish  a one week intensive Welsh Language course at the centre….

Action: Chair, Secretary and Trustees.

Action Plan and Fund Raising.

A one day Saturday session is to be organised by Christine Castle in September to assist trustees and interested members  including potential tenants to develop appropriate projects and submit successful grant applications for funding. This will assist in developing an action plan related to what funding bids emerge.


The meeting felt happy with current arrangements whereby the officers advise trustees of any significant developments during the month.

AOB none

Next Meetings

Aug 17th
Sept 21st
Oct 19th
Nov 16th
Dec 21st
Jan 18th 2016
Feb 15th
March 21st
April 18th


NOTES of FSEG Meeting June 15th 2015

At Men’s Sheds7:30pm

Ms Sue Abbott         Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec.
Prof Delme Bowen    Min. Sec.
Mr Hugh Williams.    Tres.
Mr James Greenwell IT
Cllr Mair Stephens     County Councillor
Mrs Lucy Evans         Ass. Tres.
Mrs Dorothy Morris
Mr Mike Evans
Mr Ben Morris ( for part of the meeting)

Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Colin Butters
Cllr Mike Evans
Mr Bob Gunstone
Mr Mark Harwood
Rev Phil Johnes
Mrs Lynne Shallcross

Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes were accepted as a true record. It was confirmed that after initial correction of the notes for the minutes they would be circulated to the trustees and members and placed on the website and FaceBook. James has drawn up an electronic list of trustees and if members can register their email addresses on the website if they would like minutes and news by email. The possibility of affiliated membership was deferred to a future meeting.

Please could all trustees use the new email distribution list when sending emails to all the trustees.

Action: All trustees

The Pollinator Day proved very successful takings from the Forum Cafe were donated to FSEG. James has drawn up a draft map of the potential electronic facilities of the education centre. Broadside Films have submitted an Action Plan of their activities. Further tenant action plans are awaited. A £5 fee will be charged for membership of FSEG. An electronic documentation of officer and trustee roles will be circulated in due course….

Action: Chair

Secretarial Report

FSEG officers met with the relevant County Council officers to discuss the details of the Lease on June 11th. The County confirmed that as land owners they would deal with any landslip or subsidence issues.

Questions were raised in relation to plant and equipment maintenance as we believe there is no working plant on site. This and the state of the buildings will be the subject of a Condition Survey is to be undertaken by Emily Thomas of the County. The electricity supply would be switched off in appropriate areas…..Action Sec and Chair

It was accepted that any income could be set aside to develop the site so that earmarked expenditure  is allowable and accounted for.   It was agreed that a prioritised, but flexible, list of site work required (replacement, repair, maintenance etc.) to the infrastructure, structure, plant and machinery would be produced. All income net of costs, write downs etc. would be classed as reserve subject to trustee agreement.

Discussion took place on whether an acceptable rent could be offered to tenants as opposed to a “full market rent”. Further negotiations need to take place  to establish a base line rent but it was agreed that income can be set aside as a reserve to develop the site as allowable expenditure.

Hopefully these issues will be clarified in version 5 of the Lease  which will include the sub-lease for the Doctor’s Surgery. Any sub-letting requires the permission of the County landlord.

The County agreed to carry out some remedial work to replace broken glass panes and inspect trailing power cables. Dorothy Morris indicated that Asbestos needs to be checked in the kitchen area proposed for ceramic art work and the meeting agreed that this was a health and safety priority which would have to be resolved before any work was done. ………..

Action: Secretary, Chair and Cllr Mair Stephens

Chairs Report

The Chair confirmed that the BBC may be filming some of our activities during the Summer. A meeting had taken place with Rev Phil Johnes to help  sort out the space potentially required for the Heritage Project. The views of all the groups will now be canvassed to allocate space appropriately….

Action: Secretary and Chair

Treasurers Report

The treasurer circulated a detailed report showing £ 3,469 in the current balance. He advised that the accounting system is changing for Charities. Donations will need careful recording and Annual Returns will need to be submitted by October along with an Annual Report. Mrs Jill Furniss has previously assisted with Audit. ….

Action: Treasurer and Chair.

Fund Raising

Project Groups should continue with raising grant monies. More funds are required for the infrastructure including plumbing, electrical supply, walls ceilings etc. It was felt that we should hold fund raising events in addition to expanding membership. Payments could be made easier by using PayPal and Easy FundRaising and James will progress this. ………

Action: James Greenwell and Secretary

Income from the Surgery is only assured for two years as the Lease has a break clause after this period. An Asda Grant may me forthcoming via the Forum to install a new boiler and improve the electrical infrastructure, especially for the Main Hall …..

Action: Forum and Lucy Evans

The Art Project intends to raise funds to provide Art experience for the disabled….

Action: Dorothy Morris

The Heritage Project will be progressed by Rev Phil Johnes …..

Action: Rev Phil Johnes

The ITT facilities will be progressed by James Greenwell, who will also set up a donations page on the web….

Action: James Greenwell

Other suggestions were raised for more immediate short term funding:
Coconut Shy at the Ferryside Carnival,July 18th. ….

Action: Delme ( As Green Man), Hugh and Lucy

Coffee Cafe at the Market July 25th …….

Action Les Jones

Other future possibilities were mooted:

Dinner Parties the Village Hall,Travelling Supper, Big Lunch, Music and/or Folk events,
Beach Rave( with Face Painting), Dog show, Bingo, Auction of Promises and Car Boot Sale.


Sec and Chair to investigate the state of the lagoon or stream at the rear of the Education Centre. Amphibian and Reptile Association looking to establish frog ponds and conservation areas……

Action Les Jones

NEXT MEETING July 20th 2015