Notes FSEG March 17th 2014


Rev Philip Johnes.                   Chair

Mr Les Jones                          Secretary

Mr Hugh Williams.                   Treasurer

Prof Delme Bowen.                 Press and Minute Secretary

Mr James Greenwell                ICT and Publicity

Mr AJ Bushell

Mr Mike Evans

Ms Wendy James

Mrs Lynn Shallcross

Mr Colin Butters

Mrs Jill Furnish

Mr Jim Greer

Mr Rhydian Lewis

Mr Simon Davies

Mr Bob Gunstone


Mr Tim Shallcross

Mrs Linda Martin

Mr Mike Bayley


The Chair introduced Simon Davies and Bob Gunstone of Men’s Sheds Ferryside to the meeting.

Planning Application W/29567

The planning application to redevelop the Education Centre is proceeding. St Ishmael Community Council have raised no objections. A bat survey is being undertaken free of charge by West Wales Wild Life Fund through the good offices of Mrs Sarah Kessell. Modifications for road access to the centre are being submitted by the architect. The Village Forum noted the need for appropriate space for the local market.

Contractor meeting

Some cost savings were discussed including simplification of the roof structure and reducing the specifications for sanitary ware and other equipment. Main drainage only was also recommended along with not installing curved door canopies. Installation of biomass boiler is to be investigated.

Treasurers Report

The treasurer Hugh Williams submitted a report indicating that all claims on the current grant have gone in leaving a balance of £5,063 plus petty cash of £62. The £5,000 loan from St Ishmael Community Council being paid back promptly. The RDP spreadsheets showed you we had a overall project surplus of £4.5K on the grant (£2.73K capital & £1.78K Vat)Following discussion it was decided to ask the County council whether the underspend could be spent on professional and legal advice in respect of appropriate Charity status and tax liabilities.

Heritage Project

Discussions have taken place with Richard Keen and others about the status and allocation of the Ex RAF huts. It is unlikely that the huts would be listed by CADW. Men’s Sheds are still pressing on with the aim of obtaining a satisfactory Lease from the County and Broadside Films expressed their continuing interest. The secretary pointed out that space would also be needed for historical interpretations.

Meeting with head of Social Service

Mr Bruce McLernon, Director, Social Care, Health and Housing at the County Council expressed broad support for the Wellbeing programme proposed by Jill Furniss FSEG and set up a direct link with Huw Dylan Owen in respect of a pending day care review.

Big Lottery

Response pending.

Charity Status

Colin Butters advised the meeting of positive developments with the Charity Commission who are now satisfied with our potential charity status if the constitution of FSEG is amended. A draft “objects” clause has been forwarded for our consideration. Three options are possible:

  1. Unincorporated Organisations
  2. Charitable Incorporated Company ( limited by guarrantee)
  3. Charitable Incorporated Organisations (CIO)

The latter was thought the most suitable as it requires only registering with the

Charity Commission, has limited liability and makes it easy to enter into contracts.


The secretary presented the Logo in its current format and minor changes were proposed to smooth out the typeface. Mr Simon Davies a Graphic Designer undertook to produce a final version to be forwarded to the secretary and James Greenwell.


Men’s Sheds agreed to discuss with Broadside Films and the County Council an appropriate allocation of space in the RAF huts, allowing room also for heritage interpretation.

The Sports Group have a temporary lease from the County and have cleared the main hall of debris in preparation for use by some dancers. They hope to renew the lease to permit future functions, especially on May Day.

Broadside films would like to move into the huts as soon as is practicable. They have applied for a grant for some kit which they would initially like to store in the huts. They are still awaiting clarification regarding a lease from the County Council. The current contents of the huts also needs to be sorted and allocated or shared out pending agreement with the County Council.


April 14th , 7pm, The White Lion Hotel.

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