Notes FSEG meeting on February 24th 2014


Rev Philip Johnes.                    Chair

Mr Les Jones                           Secretary

Mr Hugh Williams.                    Treasurer

Prof Delme Bowen.                  Press and Min Sec

Mr James Greenwell                ICT and Publicity

Mr Mike Bailey

Mr AJ Bushell

Mr Mike Evans

Ms Wendy James

Mrs Lynn Shallcross

Mr  Tim Shallcross

Cllr Mair Stephens


Mr Colin Butters

Mrs Jill Furniss

Mr Jim Greer

Mrs Linda Martin

Mr Rhydian Lewis

The chair welcomed members and thanked them for their attendance.


The treasurer submitted a written report confirming a balance of  £6,421.07 and £82.60 petty cash

Planning Application for Redevelopment of the  Education Centre: W/29567

The application has been submitted and is proceeding. There have been no objections to date.

Meeting with Carmarthen County Council Feb 11th

The meeting took place at St David’s Park with relevant officers of the County, namely Jayne Prichard, Emily Thomas and Helen Williams. Jayne advised FSEG to keep the County fully informed at all times so that the officers could assist with our plans and grant applications. Information on progress to-date was exchanged. The County officers advised that they would continue support as long as funding progress was being made. If applications for funding failed, the site was scheduled for disposal by the County Council. They recommended that FSEG should also proceed with local fund raising activities as well as grant applications.

Other sources of funding being explored:

  • The committee decided to pursue parallel sources of funding from:
  • Welsh Government Community Facilities Grant ( Chair and Sec )
  • Coastal Community Fund ( Tim and Lynn Shalcross )
  • CWM Environmental ( Sec)
  • Possible Commercial Enterprise ( Sec)
  • Welsh Tourism ( Chair and Sec)

The relevant County Council officers including Mr Hugh Parsons would be asked for advice on these possibilities as well as possible assistance with marketing the project.

Report on Tenders

Six tenders went out, and three tenders were returned by 17th Feb. The work would have to be completed under architect supervision in eight months and insurance  cover was mandatory. After rigorous analysis and due diligence the Martin Taffetsauffer Ltd tender was deemed successful at an estimated cost of approximately £734,000 net of VAT. The bidder however did indicate that some “value engineering” could be done to reduce the overall costs. Professional management fees would also have to be found. The committee felt that it might well have to look for some savings, depending on the funds raised.

Big Lottery Application

The secretary has submitted the outline proposal for Big Lottery Funding. He was advised that a decision might take longer than thirty days due to IT changes at the Big Lottery Fund.

Charity Registration

This is being pursued by Colin Butters as a priority following CAVS advice. The Committee will also consider the possibilities of forming a “Not for Profit  Group” and/or a Community Interest Company. The advice of  Prof David Jenkins will also be sought.

CAVS to be invited to our next meeting.

Well Being

The committee  are awaiting a date for a meeting with  Mr Bruce Mac Lernon, head of Social Services in Carmarthen. Hywel Dda health board have already provided Jill Furniss with helpful information in order to progress matters.

Broadside Films and Men’s Sheds Ferryside

Have now been offered draft licences for access to the education centre by Carmarthen County Council and have expressed a wish to use the ex-RAF huts.

The Sports Club have signed a lease to use the main hall at the centre and are keen to prepare the site, pending insurance.


It was requested that the following items be placed on the next agenda:

  • Fund Raising
  • Insurance

The secretary was encouraged to explore further any possible commercial interests or input and invite CAVS representative to our next meeting


Monday 17th March (subject to developments)



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