NOTES of FSEG AGM Meeting MARCH 23, 2015

At the Sports & Social Club 7:30pm


Rev Philip Johnes   Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec
Mr Hugh Williams    Tres
Mr James Greenwell IT
Prof Delme Bowen.   Press
Cllr Mair Stephens

Ms Sue Abbott
Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Anthony Bushell
Mr Trevor Elliot
Mrs Helen Elliot
Mr Mike Evans
Cllr Mike Evans
Mrs Lucy Evans

Apologies for absence

Colin Butters, Dorothy Morris, Robert Gunstone and Viv Rees.

The Chair welcomed everyone to the AGM meeting, explaining that it had been postponed to allow resolution of the Asbestos review. Carmarthen County council are now dealing with the encapsulation and removal of asbestos from relevant sites.


The FSEG Lease is now being drawn up following discussion of the draft with county officers. A solicitor has been appointed to act on behalf of FSEG. A vote of thanks was proposed and carried for the hard work of all the officers and Cllr. Mair Stephens. It was surmised that more people would need to get involved to run the centre, once opened.

Secretaries Report

The secretary confirmed that paid legal work was proceeding with the FSEG Lease, these included searches in respect of environmental and flooding risks. The risk of flooding appeared to be low.

The sub -lease for the Doctors Surgery was proceeding separately  as part of the LHB and County council agreement. This included a Legionella survey which would become a duty once the Lease is signed.

The overall date of completion was estimated as May 1 2015.

There was a break clause for both leases in two years involving six months notice and a further break clause after five years. It was decided that FSEG should investigate and clarify further the notice periods so as to enable a timely response to any proposed changes of occupancy by the Surgery.

Treasurers Report

The treasurer submitted a detailed report of the accounts outlining the utilisation of a £13.6k Rural Development grant, leaving a balance of £7.75 at the end of the financial year. A current balance of £3,468.75 was reported following receipt of a  Community Council Grant.

Election of Officers

Rev Phil Johns vacated the chair which was taken by Cllr Mair Stephens for the election of new officers.

Phillip indicated that if possible he would be happy to stand down and after discussion Ms Sue Abbott was elected chair and at this stage took the chair.

Mr les Jones was re-elected secretary. Mr Hugh Williams offered to stand down as treasurer , but was persuaded to continue and re-elected with the assistance of Mrs Lucy Evans, an experienced Business Development Officer. Mrs Evans agreed to make her assistance available as necessary. The IT and Publicity Officer James Greenwell and Press and Minutes Sec, Delme Bowen were re- elected.

It was decided that the five elected officers should be invited to become trustees. It was noted that other members could be added as trustees.


Mr Hugh Williams indicated that The Medical Surgery issues should be followed closely since initial income to FSEG would be dependant on Surgery rental.


At the Sports and Social Club Monday the April 13th at 7.30pm

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