NOTES of FSEG Meeting April 13th 2015

At the Sports & Social Club 7:30pm

Trustees & Officers
Ms Sue Abbott          Chair
Mr Les Jones            Secretary
Mr Hugh Williams      Treasurer
Mrs Lucy Evans.        Assistant Tresurer
Mr James Greenwell  IT
Prof Delme Bowen.    Minutes/Press

Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Mike Evans
Mrs Dorothy Morris
Mrs Lynne Shallcross

Rev Phil Johnes
Cllr Mike Evans
Mr Colin Butters

Cllr Mair Stephens.

Matters Arising
The Treasurer reiterated that the terms of the Surgery Lease will require inspection and scrutiny before FSEG sign their Lease.

Chairs Report
The chair emphasised that the current agenda will look at basic administrative structures. The Lease from the County is being finalised. Bids for the use of space in the building will be subject to approval by FSEG and applicants will have to indicate what the space they request will be used for and the nature of their business. Current users would be considered as preferred bidders.

Trustees & Members
Trustees have a legal role to safeguard the assets of the group ( FSEG). Five people were appointed as Trustees at the AGM, namely Sue Abbott, Les Jones, Hugh Williams, James Greenwell, and Delme Bowen. It was resolved that a further five trustees be added, namely Mike Bailey, Mr Mike Evans, Lucy Evans, Dorothy Morris and Lynn Shallcross. A vote was taken and it was unanimously resolved that these ten individuals would be Trustees of FSEG. Mr Colin Butters was requested to communicate this decision to the Charity Commission..Action C. Butters……

After further discussion it was decided that monthly Open Trustee meetings would be held, which members could also attend. But that decisions would be made and voted on only by the trustees. It was also decided that periodic members meetings could also be called and held, including an annual general meeting. Mr Mike Evans suggested that a wider stake holder base could also be established in the villages and this was favourably received and noted for future action. The chair requested that the respective roles of FSEG officers should be defined…Action, Chair and Officers..

It was felt that our current membership list could be used as a starting point, but that the Secretary should draw up a membership form and establish a suitable membership fee, so that FSEG membership could be expanded…Action Mr Les Jones……

It was also felt that as membership expanded consideration could be given to the appointment of a Membership Secretary.

The chair requested that a monthly diary for the year be established. It was decided that the Open Trustee meetings be held on the third Monday of every month ( currently at the Sports & Social Club) Membership meetings could be held periodically or quarterly at which all members could vote and guests be invited to observe. Decisions voted upon would be subject to Trustee approval.

Secretaries Report
The Secretary reported that the Draft Lease from the County Council had been commented upon and responded to but no reaction from the County had yet been received. Income received from rentals is still under discussion and the County requested a clause covering the dispersal of any “profits” received. FSEG however envisages operating as a Charity and so the profits issue may not apply.

The secretary took unilateral action to bid for a grant from Jewson, as the closing date was April 13th. A grant of £50,000 was applied for and a decision is pending.The secretary was thanked for his initiative.

Treasurers Report
The treasurer reported a balance of £ 3,486.75, comprising in the main of a grant received from St Ishmael’s Community Council. The treasurer is preparing a full year forecast. It was noted that a quarter advanced payment of £ 2.2 K will be made from the Surgery when the Lease is signed. Site insurance will be paid on take-over of the site.

Current users are Ferryside Village Forum, Men’s Sheds, the Sports Club, Broadside Films, Arts & Crafts and potentially, IT Project and Heritage Project.

  • Men’s Sheds, it was noted, have 22 members and would like more space.
  • Ferryside Village Forum who run a market at the site have arranged a joint venture with FSEG on May 23rd. FSEG will run an information and membership stall and the Forum will run a Wild Weekend Planting Day  called “Join the Buzz” to help bees, butterflies and pollinators. It will involve the School and will include a children’s garden treasure hunt for seeds and Maypole dancing. The public will be invited.
  • The Sports Club are seeking new members and would like to use the main hall for Table-tennis and short mat bowls and future events along with the Forum.
  • Arts and Crafts are are awaiting the discussions on the Lease.
  • The Heritage Project would like to interpret the landscape that the military used during the World-War 2 and Rev Phil Johnes is taking this forward for a grant.
  • Broadside Films would like to retain space in the huts.
  • The IT Project are awaiting the arrival of optic fibre cables to upgrade broadband facilities in the future and  the allocation of space will have to be made accordingly.

Monday May 18th 7:30pm Sports & Social Club.

Future Meetings:
June 15th
July 20th
Aug 17th
Sept 21st
Oct 9th
Nov 16th
Dec 21st
Jan 18th 2016
Feb 15th
March 21st
April 18th

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