NOTES of FSEG Meeting August 17th main Hall, Ed Centre 7:30pm


Ms Sue Abbott           Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec.
Prof Delme Bowen     Min. Sec.
Mr Hugh Williams.     Tres.
Mr James Greenwell  I T
Mrs Lucy Evans         Ass. Tres.
Mr Mike Evans
Mr Jonathan Fearn,  Head of Corporate Property County C.
Mr Bob Gunstone
Ms Cerian Rolls,       The Glam Org.
Mrs Lynn Shallcross
Cllr Mair Stephens    County Cllr
Mrs Dorothy Morris   Arts & Crafts

Mr Colin Butters
Rev Phil Johnes
Mr Rhydian Lewis

The Chair welcomed members and presented a revised agenda to focus on a proposed Youth Musical Festival, a discussion with Mr Jonathan Fear regarding Progress with the County Lease and the Fund Raising Event. It was agreed that outstanding items would be deferred to the next routine meeting.

Youth Music Festival

Ms Cerian Rolls, the director of the “Glam Organisation” supporting youth music development throughout Wales introduced the topic, explaining that the original group developed from the Glamorgan County youth music organisation. She pointed out that the non-profit making organisation had a wealth of skills, commitment and passion to promote youth music and though currently unfunded, would like to develop a base and a festival at Ferryside.

The organisation was a Schools BBC Champion and had the active support of Sir Karl Davies and others and would be performing at St Davids Hall, Cardiff. She proposed the setting up of a Glam Fest at Ferryside involving workshops, rehearsals , performances and associated games. Such a venture would be of great benefit for the village as a whole as participants would require local accommodation, for example, holiday cottages, farms, caravans and hotels. The event would be marketed as a family holiday involving free performing art.

The target week would be August 22nd-26th 2016 with a follow up performance at St David Hall on Aug 27th. The typical agenda would include music workshops in the morning and afternoon from Monday to Friday some being free, but other associated workshops could also be accommodated. There would also be extra sessions for sectional rehearsals and additional family run games in the afternoons. Much of the income would come from  two sets of concerts to be held in the evening. Approximately 300 musicians are involved currently with Glam Fest aspiring to European Standards and they have established a National Instrument Bank for Wales .

The proposal received a very warm welcome from the trustees and a wide ranging discussion took place on possible venues in Ferryside and Llansaint. These included the Education Centre, The Sports and Social Club, the Village Halls, Churches and Chapels as well as hotels. It was decided that grant funding would be explored by Glam Fest and jointly with FSEG and that the Community Council would also be involved in order to fully inform the public………Action Cerian Rolls of Glam Fest and Trustees

Progress with Lease

The Chair reminded the meeting of a number of queries raised with the County Council in respect of the draft lease of the Education Centre to FSEG.

Mr Jonathan Fearn, an officer with Carmarthen County Council then went through the outstanding issues with the proposed Lease and proposed that these issues be clarified in an associated “Side Letter”. Eight points of misunderstanding were discussed and agreed with Mr Fearn for incorporation into the Side Letter associated with the Lease. Particular attention was give to the County view of “full market rent” and it was agree that this was flexible and depend on what improvements the tenants would require to make and the condition of the premisis  being offered. The Lease and Side letter agreed between FSEG and the County Council would be for 99 years, but included a provision for a break clause after two years. Standard model leases are available for FSEG to use with potential tenants as well as simpler tenants agreements that would facilitate short term rentals. In the meantime, the County will repair the broken windows and kitchen door, check the trailing cables and drainage of the Health Centre path as requested.

The trustees voted in favour of signing  the Lease along with the explanatory “side Letter”, provided that its wording reflected the agreements made……………………………

Action: County Council and FSEG officers.

Minutes of the Last Meeting

Taken as read

Treasurers Report

The treasurer tabled a report indicating a balance of £ 2,881.82.

Fund Raising Event

Mrs Christine Castle is to lead a general Fund Raising Meeting to enable FSEG to develop an

integrated plan on Saturday 19th September

Main Hall, Ed. Centre, 1:30 pm till 5pm.

All trustees and associated project groups and Clubs to attend along with prospective tennants and authors of funding bids………….

Action Sec and Chair.


The Secretary advised that the insurance cover for the Ed. Centre remained as quoted, approximately £ 3,700.

As yet there has been no response from Dragonscapes.

Bob Gunstone indicated that Cllr Emlyn Dole, the leader of Carmarthen County Council would be invited to re-launch Men’s Sheds. Delme suggested that Cllrs Mair Stephens And Emlyn Dole be invited to launch the education centre when appropriate.

Next Meetings:

FUNDING WORKSHOP……..Saturday Sept 19th

Other Meetings:

Sept 21st
Oct 19th
Nov 16th
Dec 21st
Jan 18th 2016
Feb 15th
March 21st
April 18th

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