NOTES of FSEG MEETING Dec 1st White Lion Hotel 7pm.

                 Rev Philip Johnes   Chair
                 Mr Les Jones             Sec
                 Mr Hugh Williams    Tres
                 Mr James Greenwell IT
                 Prof Delme Bowen.   Press
Sue Abbott
Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Colin Butters
Jake Cannon
Helen Elliot
Trevor Elliot
Mike Evans
Cllr Mike Evans
Lucy Evans
Geraint Evans
Tom Gripper
Wendy James
Jean James
Dorothy Morris
Lynn Shallcross
Viv Rees
The Chair welcomed everyone to the well attended meeting.
The current Dr’s partnership at the Education Centre is to be dissolved and Hywel Dda health board are seeking to run a new partnership based initially on a two year Lease from the County Council starting in January 2015.
FSEG are discussing the terms of a 99 year lease with the County Council including a 2 year break clause to coincide with the doctors surgery lease, allowing FSEG to withdraw if the surgery does not continue beyond the 2 years. The main lease and existing tenants will transfer to FSEG who will become the landlord in April 5 th 2015.
The current rental for the Surgery is £9,500 per annum.
Hugh Williams presented a paper outlining the basic costs for maintaining the centre and the proposed new rentals that would help sustain the venture.
A basic rental of £3 per sq meter was proposed for non-business tenants and £20 per sq meter for business tenants, with £12 per square meter being charged for educational projects. The market would be charged the current rate of £10 per visit. It was felt that these were the minimal rentals required to make the project site sustainable and viable. A three month initial free rental could be offered to tenants making essential repairs and payments in kind could be negotiated where improvements were being made to the facilities. Tenants would also be encouraged and helped to seek grants in aid. A laminated plan of the building would be made available to tenants.
Tenants asked that they be allowed to contact FSEG officers as soon as possible to institute improvements and essential repairs and this was agreed.
Legal Support costs
FSEG obtained three quotes and accepted Ungoed,Thomas & King’s at £ 225 per hour plus Vat for advice on drawing up the main lease.
FSEG would make proforma lease copies available to both business and third sector tenants.
The treasurer reported £7.75 in the current account.
Two grants have been applied for.
  • CWM Environmental, a £50k grant for preparing classrooms at the site suitable for pre-school or educational purposes,
  • Police Commissioners Grant. £5k towards local crime prevention and to be used to prime the CWM grant.
  • The results are expected this month.  If unsuccessful, a bid will be made for a Big Lottery Grant to develop the central building.
The chair outlined the current structure of FSEG consisting of three trustees and a Committee of Members with officers as listed above.
Colin Butters outlined the Charity status of the group and detailed its current constitution. After a robust discussion the meeting accepted the current structure and supported the formation of a Tenants Group, which would elect one member on to the FSEG management committee of members. Tenants requested advice on day to day management and the secretary advised that a rota of trustees or members would be identified and a roster made available.
It was agreed that the number of trustees could be increased if necessary to broaden expertise. A call for business expertise was supported.
Community Council Support
It was confirmed that a grant of £3,743 was to be made available from St Ishmael Community Council.
James Greenwell was confirmed as being in charge of internet publicity and referred to  the FferiFuture Facebook page and the FSEG website. Delme Bowen carried out press activities with STISH and the local papers.
To be circulated.

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