Notes of FSEG MEETING Feb 15th 7:30pm

Held at the White Lion Hotel

Ms Sue Abbott     – Chair
Mr Les Jones       – Secretary
Mr Delme Bowen – Minutes Secretary
Mr Hugh Williams  – Tresurer
Mrs Lucy Evans     – Finance
Mr James Greenwell – IT
Mr Michael Evans.

Mr Mike Bailey
Mrs Dorothy Morris
Mrs Lynn Shallcross
Cllr Mair Stephens.

Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes were accepted as correct for the Jan 21st meeting.

The treasurer agreed to forward copies of the audited accounts to all trustees. The payments from the Local Health Board have now been received other than for their insurance contribution. A response from “Gift Aid ” is still awaited. The bid for a Rural Development Grant has been submitted. St Ishmael C. C. Have approved a loan over two years to build toilets at Calon Y Fferi. The AGM will be on March 21st, venue to be confirmed.

The flooding adjacent to Men’s Sheds awaits repair by the County Council. The group are still awaiting a response from the Llanelli Sewing group, who are seeking a new venue.

At the meeting with the LHB it was agreed that communication would be through Ann Jenkins. They agreed that the secure door between the centre and the surgery was to be locked when the surgery was closed. It was agreed that tenants would need permission to use their toilets. A fire safety risk assessment of their building is to be carried out shortly. They have requested specified car parking spaces.The lighting of the path to the surgery is to be checked. They will be billed for water and electricity usage, meanwhile, the electrical wiring in the surgery requires rectification and upgrading.

Environmental Project

Rosie Carmichael has provided funds from Natural Resources Wales to establish a Green area and open-air classroom adjacent to the sports hall at Calon Y Fferi.

Work has started, the site cleared and an intrusive sycamore and tall conifers removed. Beech trees are being managed and coppiced and a mix of trees will be planted to form a hedge. Some willow bushes will also be cleared and a seating area established. Lockable Gates will be established into the site adjacent to the sports hall and on the other side adjacent to the MUGA. A hedge will be established between the open air garden and the adjacent boggy wetland. A full set of gardening tools will also be provided.

The environmental project will be managed by the Village Forum on behalf of FSEG. GRAIG Collage students may also assist with the work from February 29th.

Infrastructure Group

The January 25th meeting agreed to proceed with the essential electrical work at a cost of £5,800 . The work carried out by Dyfed Electrical is almost complete. Electrical supply to other parts of the buildings including the “boiler room” , Men’s Sheds , Dorothy’s ceramic area and Sport hall,are being investigated

Further improvements are required and a working party is to be set up to directly volunteer labour. The guttering has been cleared with the help of Les and Mike and leaks have been identified in the roof especially associated with the chimney
stack. Overall, the roof is in relatively good condition. Quotes will be taken for essential repairs.

The existing electrical contract included a panel for a future addressable fire alarm system at £850 without any attached fire sensors. A simpler fully functional non-addressable sytem is now preferred, which will cost £1000 with sensors placed in the tenanted locations. The extra expenditure was approved.

An insurance surveyor report has been received indicating three requirements:
1 Board up the damaged portakabins
2 Get full electrical certification for all live circuits
3 Fire safety installation required

The Fire Risk Assessment has been drafted and will be circulated for comment. The rooms in the main building have been systematically renumbered.
The provision of disability toilets, will be brought forward.

The Business Group.

Met on February 4th and templates are being developed for the business plan that will allow cash flow forecast to match the relevant business projects along with a structured narrative. The Rural Development Grant application has been submitted to the County. A “Gregg’s” grant application and “The Big Give” is being investigated for a number of projects including further landscape options.

Dorothy is organising three car boot sales in April, May and June and volunteers are required to help. The Cafe will also be opened. Fundraising in the Ferryside Carnival will be explored. Mike Bailey has proposed a village garden Scarecrow Competition for September.

The change of name of the site to “Calon Y Fferi Community Centre ” has been forwarded to the County.

The County Council has approved a standard format for the tenant subleases which will have individual side letters attached particular to each tenant. Formal notifications are being prepared?

Treasurers Report

The treasurer tabled a report, indicating £10,486.82 current and £109.20 petty cash. The LHB have agreed to pay the Surgery’s share of site insurance, estimated at £265.76.


A potential new logo for Calon Y Fferi was received from Mr Dave Smith.
It was noted that additional trustees would be sought at the AGM on March 21st


AGM March 21st

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