Notes of FSEG MEETING Jan 18th 7:30pm


Ms Sue Abbott          Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec.
Prof Delme Bowen    Min. Sec.
Mr Hugh Williams.    Tres.
Mr James Greenwell I T
Mrs Lucy Evans         Ass. Tres.
Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Mike Evans
Rev Phil Johnes
Mrs Dorothy Morris
Mrs Lynn Shallcross

Cllr Mair Stephens

Minutes & Matters Arising
The minutes of the last meeting, Nov 16th were accepted as a correct record. The “Trustee Update ” was accepted as circulated.

It was confirmed that the new name of the site would be CALON  Y FFERI COMMUNITY CENTRE and this would be submitted to the County Council next thursday. Invoices would still be made out for FSEG as the charity.

The Xmas market proved to be successful. A gift aided donation of £4,000 has been received for updating the electrical infrastructure.

Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer submitted a detailed report to be forwarded to all trustees indicating a December 30th balance  of £6,036:90, plus £116.45 petty cash. Local Fundraising over 2015 totalled £443.25. Outstanding payments are awaited from the Local Health Authority who signed the lease on Nov 2nd. Outstanding payments are committed to our solicitor, Premier Credit insurance, electricity and water. Estimated “spendable ” money was surmised to be around £9,000.


Infrastructure Group
The infrastructure group under the chairmanship of Les Jones is considering how best to develop the site and buildings. To-date,the AV has been dismantled in one of the training rooms. New toilets are needed in the public area and the lowest tender of £6,500 for this work has been received. A lowest tender of £7,500 has been received to double glaze and renew the Foyer and entrance door.

Electrical renovation is urgently required and will have to be done progressively as funds come available.

Two quotes have been received, one from IWEC at £62,000 plus Vat. This was not broken down in a way that would allow the work to be phased. Another quote of £30,000 for (similar but not identical work) was obtained from Dyfed Electrical Services. They gave separate prices for office rooms at £1,500 per room and £650 for the kitchen electrical supply. An appropriate metering plan is being developed, moving to metering per tenant in due course. £6,000 will be required to update fire safety. Tenants will pay for their own electrical testing. Wiring will include space for IT cabling. The sports hall and ceramic areas also require attention and quotes will be sought for the works required.

Business Group
The chair, Sue Abbott reported that in terms of tenants, Mark Harwood had hired a room and that Sue Horton required two rooms for Truffles. Mr Mike Utting had hired a training room for two years and will have a 5 year lease. Formal sub-leases and appropriate side letters for tenants still await clearance from the County Council legal office and an urgent meeting is pending.

The chair submitted papers on actual and potential tenant space allocation along with maps and anticipated income. The latter could be used as the basis for a more detailed business plan. The Allocation of a Bunkhouse is being keenly negotiated.

The estimated income based on currently agreed rentals could be around £30,000 per annum. There is a further potential for 15 rooms in the West Wing and two training rooms are still available. A business plan is being drawn up based on these developments.

Lucy Evans is drawing up a bid for County Council money, applying for a £160,000 infrastructure grant, 20 percent of which can be input as work in kind on top of £128,000. The criteria are demanding and have to fit into County and Welsh Government requirements covering such things as unemployment, work poverty, digital inclusion etc., in addition to details and costings of the work required. The bid goes in at the end of the month.

The decision of St Ishmael Community Council on a £7,000 grant to establish the new toilets is pending, following their site meeting at Calon Y Fferi on Jan 17th.

A logo is to be drawn up for Calon Y Fferi Community Centre. The input of members would be welcomed.

Mr Mike Bailey showed examples of the artistic impressions used by other villages for marketing on merchandise such as tea cloths, bags, coasters, pens etc.

Fast broadband connection now available. Other work progressing in tandem with the electrical refurbishment.

Feb 15th 7:30pm
March 21st AGM
April 18th

Business Group Meetings
Feb 4th 7pm
March 3rd

Infrastructure Group Meetings
Jan25th 8pm

Dorothy to get a grant decision on Ceramic project in March.
Heritage Project lease awaited, space allocation needs clarification.
The Village Forum is developing plans for the Sports Hall.
Flooded path adjacent to Men’s Sheds needs drainage repair.
Quilt & Sowing Class from Llanelli looking urgently for another venue.


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