NOTES of FSEG Meeting June 15th 2015

At Men’s Sheds7:30pm

Ms Sue Abbott         Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec.
Prof Delme Bowen    Min. Sec.
Mr Hugh Williams.    Tres.
Mr James Greenwell IT
Cllr Mair Stephens     County Councillor
Mrs Lucy Evans         Ass. Tres.
Mrs Dorothy Morris
Mr Mike Evans
Mr Ben Morris ( for part of the meeting)

Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Colin Butters
Cllr Mike Evans
Mr Bob Gunstone
Mr Mark Harwood
Rev Phil Johnes
Mrs Lynne Shallcross

Minutes and Matters Arising

The minutes were accepted as a true record. It was confirmed that after initial correction of the notes for the minutes they would be circulated to the trustees and members and placed on the website and FaceBook. James has drawn up an electronic list of trustees and if members can register their email addresses on the website if they would like minutes and news by email. The possibility of affiliated membership was deferred to a future meeting.

Please could all trustees use the new email distribution list when sending emails to all the trustees.

Action: All trustees

The Pollinator Day proved very successful takings from the Forum Cafe were donated to FSEG. James has drawn up a draft map of the potential electronic facilities of the education centre. Broadside Films have submitted an Action Plan of their activities. Further tenant action plans are awaited. A £5 fee will be charged for membership of FSEG. An electronic documentation of officer and trustee roles will be circulated in due course….

Action: Chair

Secretarial Report

FSEG officers met with the relevant County Council officers to discuss the details of the Lease on June 11th. The County confirmed that as land owners they would deal with any landslip or subsidence issues.

Questions were raised in relation to plant and equipment maintenance as we believe there is no working plant on site. This and the state of the buildings will be the subject of a Condition Survey is to be undertaken by Emily Thomas of the County. The electricity supply would be switched off in appropriate areas…..Action Sec and Chair

It was accepted that any income could be set aside to develop the site so that earmarked expenditure  is allowable and accounted for.   It was agreed that a prioritised, but flexible, list of site work required (replacement, repair, maintenance etc.) to the infrastructure, structure, plant and machinery would be produced. All income net of costs, write downs etc. would be classed as reserve subject to trustee agreement.

Discussion took place on whether an acceptable rent could be offered to tenants as opposed to a “full market rent”. Further negotiations need to take place  to establish a base line rent but it was agreed that income can be set aside as a reserve to develop the site as allowable expenditure.

Hopefully these issues will be clarified in version 5 of the Lease  which will include the sub-lease for the Doctor’s Surgery. Any sub-letting requires the permission of the County landlord.

The County agreed to carry out some remedial work to replace broken glass panes and inspect trailing power cables. Dorothy Morris indicated that Asbestos needs to be checked in the kitchen area proposed for ceramic art work and the meeting agreed that this was a health and safety priority which would have to be resolved before any work was done. ………..

Action: Secretary, Chair and Cllr Mair Stephens

Chairs Report

The Chair confirmed that the BBC may be filming some of our activities during the Summer. A meeting had taken place with Rev Phil Johnes to help  sort out the space potentially required for the Heritage Project. The views of all the groups will now be canvassed to allocate space appropriately….

Action: Secretary and Chair

Treasurers Report

The treasurer circulated a detailed report showing £ 3,469 in the current balance. He advised that the accounting system is changing for Charities. Donations will need careful recording and Annual Returns will need to be submitted by October along with an Annual Report. Mrs Jill Furniss has previously assisted with Audit. ….

Action: Treasurer and Chair.

Fund Raising

Project Groups should continue with raising grant monies. More funds are required for the infrastructure including plumbing, electrical supply, walls ceilings etc. It was felt that we should hold fund raising events in addition to expanding membership. Payments could be made easier by using PayPal and Easy FundRaising and James will progress this. ………

Action: James Greenwell and Secretary

Income from the Surgery is only assured for two years as the Lease has a break clause after this period. An Asda Grant may me forthcoming via the Forum to install a new boiler and improve the electrical infrastructure, especially for the Main Hall …..

Action: Forum and Lucy Evans

The Art Project intends to raise funds to provide Art experience for the disabled….

Action: Dorothy Morris

The Heritage Project will be progressed by Rev Phil Johnes …..

Action: Rev Phil Johnes

The ITT facilities will be progressed by James Greenwell, who will also set up a donations page on the web….

Action: James Greenwell

Other suggestions were raised for more immediate short term funding:
Coconut Shy at the Ferryside Carnival,July 18th. ….

Action: Delme ( As Green Man), Hugh and Lucy

Coffee Cafe at the Market July 25th …….

Action Les Jones

Other future possibilities were mooted:

Dinner Parties the Village Hall,Travelling Supper, Big Lunch, Music and/or Folk events,
Beach Rave( with Face Painting), Dog show, Bingo, Auction of Promises and Car Boot Sale.


Sec and Chair to investigate the state of the lagoon or stream at the rear of the Education Centre. Amphibian and Reptile Association looking to establish frog ponds and conservation areas……

Action Les Jones

NEXT MEETING July 20th 2015

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