NOTES of FSEG Meeting May 18th 2015

At the Sports & Social Club 7:30pm

Ms Sue Abbott         Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec
Prof Delme Bowen    Min. Sec.
Mr James Greenwell IT
Rev Phil Johnes
Mrs Dorothy Morris
Cllr Mair Stephens     County Councillor

Mr Mike Bailey
Mr Colin Butters
Cllr Mike Evans

Mrs Lucy Evans
Mr Bob Gunstone
Mr Mark Harwood
Mrs Lynne Shallcross

Correction under future meetings, Oct19th not Oct 9th.

Matters Arising
Mr Colin Butters has contacted the Charity Commission, advising them of the new trustees. It was agreed that affiliated membership could be arranged for other groups. A draft membership form for FSEG was submitted by the Secretary and approved, he also confirmed that affiliated membership could be arranged for other groups. The draft Lease is still under discussion and on the agenda..

Chairs Report
The chair referred to her update e-mail, keeping members appraised of material changes and this was welcomed. Mr James Greenwell was asked to draw up an electronic list of FSEG Trustees.

Action JG

The chair indicated that a time table needs to be drawn up for an action plan. The allocation of space is continuing involving current and potential users, namely Men’s Sheds, Broadside Films,Village Forum, Sports Club, Arts Group (Dorothy) and Heritage Group (Phil). Following discussion, the needs of the Heritage group which includes the RSPB, West Wales Wildlife Trust and World War 2 heritage is to be resolved by Phil Johnes and the Chair.

Action PJ and SA

Meanwhile, the Village Forum, on behalf of the Sports Club are proceeding with a grant application to Asda for community funds to upgrade and supply electricity to the Main Hall and provide a distribution panel for the whole site. It is hoped that the grant will allow the hall to be plastered, painted and fitted out with quartz heaters. Further advice on the grant is expected in June.

Action LE, Village Forum

The portakabin class rooms have been inspected by Cydweli Cricket Club with a view to their possible removal. One cabin appears usable. Their decision is awaited. Some interest has also been expressed by Cydweli Scouts.

The BBC Week in Week out programme are producing an item on the popularity of local government “asset transfer” and may be interested in the FSEG experience.

Action Chair SA and Sec LJ.

Secretary’s Report
The draft lease is still under discussion since it indicated that half the income raised would go to the County Council. This is to be challenged at a meeting with the County on June 9th since as a social enterprise group FSEG would not expect to make any profits and would plough any income back into the project.

Action FSEG officers.

The Sec and Chair will meet with our solicitor on site on June 2nd. The RAF hut roof has been inspected and it is reported that dampness has been caused by blocked valleys and gutters.

The skylight is also in need of repair

Treasurer’s Report
The treasurer submitted an e-mail indicating that the balances are the same as last month plus 54p interest @£3,469.29 for the current a/c & £94.30 in Petty Cash.

Reports from Users & Potential Users
Village Forum
Grant applied for from Asda  to upgrade the Main Hall ( as previously outlined)
Pollinator Planting Day, May 23rd 10:30-12:30 ( on agenda)
Men’s Sheds
Functioning well, hoping for more space if possible.

Fibre optic broadband has now reached the village. James Greenwell reported that the existing cable structures could be maintained and used initially, but they would need dust and surge protection (estimated at £350). A map of the current facilities will be prepared.

Action JG

Sports Club
Awaiting the outcome of the Asda Grant application to improve the Main Hall. Possible users: table tennis, short-mat bowls, occasional hire.

Art ( Dorothy Morris)
Requires access and space to part of the RAF huts, pending the lease. WWAMH grants  pending for training special needs. School Tiles Heritage project proceeding. The tiled village heritage hopefully to be displayed in the railway station shelter.

Broadside Films
Still Active on site. A time table of activities on site to be requested.

Action Sec LJ

Space to be allocated.
Phil Johnes to discuss space allocation and grants in aid with the Chair.

Simon Wright, a professional food critic is happy to make a site visit with a view to offering advice on the potential of the kitchen and site catering.

Trustee & officer roles
The chair presented documents to all committee officers requesting an outline of specific roles. The forms will also be circulated electronically and are to be filled in and submitted to the chair a week before the next meeting in June.

Action Officers & Trustees.

Costs & Funding
The main issues were postponed until the next meeting. A membership charge was set at £ 5 per annum to start on the date of the lease. The aim being that members ” help support the long term viability of the former education centre for community use under the auspices of the Ferryside Social Enterprise Group”. Easyfund Raising will be investigated by James Greenwell and the treasurer Hugh Williams.

Action JG & HW

Action plan Time Table
To be formulated as soon as the lease is forthcoming.

Pollinator Planting Day
Organised by the Village Forum for Saturday 23rd, 10:30am till 12:30pm at the education centre. A membership stall will be set up by FSEG, manned by Les Jones and Delme Bowen. A maypole will be made available and the School involved in the planting of bee friendly  plants.

Celebration of Community Growing. “TYFU POBL”.
Centre for Alternative Technology, Machynlleth June 12-14.

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