Notes of FSEG MEETING Monday Oct 19th 7:30pm CALON Y FFERI

Ms Sue Abbott          Chair
Mr Les Jones             Sec.
Prof Delme Bowen    Min. Sec.
Mr Hugh Williams.    Tresurer
Mr James Greenwell  I T
Mrs Lucy Evans         Assistant Treasurer.
Mr Mike Evans
Mrs Lynn Shallcross

Mrs Dorothy Morris


The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted as correct.

Matters Arising

A separate meeting has been arranged with Cerian Rolls to discuss the possible Youth Music Festival. A report on the Fund Raising meeting is pending from the chair.

Dragon Scapes have visited the site and recommended the establishment of a shallow pond and Hugel mound behind the hall. The establishment of a wild flower meadow is under discussion.

Chairs Report

The chair requested more help in future to clean the centre before events. …Action All Trustees and Members.

Thanks were give to the few that did help,especially Mrs Ceinwen Jones. A very successful  Funding meeting and Signing Ceremony have been held.

Officers have had ongoing discussions with:

  1. Two  potential bidders hoping to establish and run a hostel/ bunk house .
  2. A bidder hoping to establish and open a Cafe and restaurant with bar, who
    would be prepared to get the boiler up and running to heat the restaurant  and central area.
  3. Mr Richard Payne a construction contract manager who is prepared to offer site management expertise. His name has also
    been added to a list of potential builders.

A leaflet was tabled describing the site and its potential based on the article in STISH. It was decided to distribute this more widely in the village.

The chair who is no longer an issue officer of The Village Forum suggested that we hold a future meeting with them to discuss potential delegated or shared responsibilities and this was agreed……Action: Chair and Secretary.

Meanwhile the Forum was invited to draw up an environmental plan for the site for future discussion….Action: The Village Forum

Treasurers Report

The treasurer submitted a detailed report indicating £ 2991.97 in the current account and £ 317.97 Petty Cash from recent fundraising. He drew attention to an anticipated expenditure of £ 1,140 on solicitor fees and £1,300 on ICT costs. Discussion took place on when the LHB could be invoiced and it was noted that the rental could be backdated to Oct 5th when they signed their lease.


It was reported that one telephone line had already been installed and that the cabling structures and switches were good for Wifi. Internet connection was awaited.

Secretary Report

A wiring plan was emerging for the site and some basic electrics had been repaired and made functional. The secretary, who is taking advice, indicated that allocating electrical costs to users would not be easy and might require separate metering of different sections of the buildings. It was noted that commercial standing charges can be expensive…….Action Secretary.

On the administrative side an annual return to the Charities Commission had been completed and submitted. There had been further detailed exchanges on the leases, but the main lease was now ready to sign. The LHB lease had already been agreed and signed. It is a 5 year lease with a possible break after two years. Work is being undertaken to prepare the sub leases,especially to enable the development of the kitchen and restaurant. Two basic types of lease are envisaged, one for clubs and community use and the other for business or commercial use.

An invitation to tender for two unisex toilets for the centre has been issued.

Rental Arrangements

The purpose of FSEG as a Charity is to benefit the community of Ferryside and St Ishmael by bringing together local groups and enabling educational, social, welfare or leisure activities. Any commercial activities at the site are for the express purpose of creating a financially viable centre where community activities can take place.

It was decided that a realistic commercial-rent will be taken for all businesses and that space may be offered at no rent  to non-profit organisations provided that they are fully responsible for the repair and maintenance of the space they occupy and cooperate fully with FSEG and the other tenants in the overall development of the site.

This was carried, the chair didn’t vote to make 5 for and  2 against  and 1 abstention. Two trustees proposing that all tenants should pay some rental. Appropriate rental charges were tabled and discussed.

It was decided that Grant Funding and an Action Plan now needs to be urgently considered.   Action Chair, Secretary, Lucy Evans, Treasurer and all Trustees.


Lynn Shallcross suggested that members bring forward local fund raising activities leading to Halloween and Xmas.

Les Jones indicated that Cwrs Y Fferi, would require class rooms for teaching Welsh in the community in February. This meant that heating and new toilets would need to be progressed quickly.


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